Spring 2014 update

Thanks for checking in. 2013 was a great year for us with the release of “Five Finger Discount” and we have quite a bit planned for 2014. We are currently preparing material for our third as of yet unnamed album, we have 20 songs finished and are excited after doing a substantial amount pre-production and rehearsal. Our goal is to have played the material until it feels completely natural before we record it, and there are some musical challenges on one or two tracks that we are working through in order to have everything fleshed out.

We are also planning a video shoot in our hometown of Waterloo (actually we have two hometowns, Toronto and Waterloo) where we are going to do an “Unplugged” show with acoustic versions of material from “Big Red” and “Five Finger Discount” and record everything including video for a DVD production.

We are happy to announce we will be returning to Ottawa in early July (July 5th) and Kingston on July 4th. Our travels will also bring us back to Quebec in August with a variety of performances to be announced. We’ll be performing at the Kitchener Blues Festival mid august on the BIA stage and we have a surprise planned for that performance.

We had the pleasure of performing in Ottawa at Greenfields Pub as part of DAWG FM’s StudioDAWG, hosted by Patricia Lever, which was broadcast live the following Monday. Video synced with the broadcast audio can be found here,

See you all soon! – Jon


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